Fancy Drink for a Fancy Lady

Fancy a fabulous cocktail at a place that elicits class, sophistication and great ambience? I came across the perfect lounge tonight and it was positively buzzing.

The Emporium Hotel is not just a room for the night. It’s a place to slip on your best dress, high heels, sparkling jewels and lounge around throughout the night in the Emporium cocktail bar. Their low hung chandeliers, vibrant lounge chairs and antique pieces make for a great place to relax with company.

Those who love variety will love the seasonal cocktail menu that can be teamed with delicious tapas items. If you are not a big drinker, park out the front and come for the mocktails because they are just as good! Best of all, it means that you can return again and again without being stuck with the same drink. The staff are friendly and the live music really adds that special something to the ambience.

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