un morceau de France

What a fabulous day today was with a lively spirit around Brisbane after the Melbourne Cup races. Cashing in on my winnings (I hope there was much success for all of you risk-takers today too), I thought ‘what better way to celebrate and keep the energy going than an evening in town?’

Tonights coffee date consisted of red Eiffel Towers, long strands of lavender, petite candles and crème brûlée et chocolat chaud en France. Translation: creme brulee and hot chocolate in France. Well, at least we felt as though we were in France – big dreamers. We were actually in a charming restaurant, French Martini, in Southbank’s colourful restaurant precinct.

After waiting what felt like a lifetime for the most perfect parking space, my friend and I were happy to throw our handbags down and relax onto the candy pink booth. Before I could admire the perfectly-chic french atmosphere our waiter handed us both the smart black menu to peruse. My mind wandered over delicate desserts, fromage pour deux (cheese for two) and ‘french kiss’ martinis. Given the amazing options, it is safe to say that I had trouble trying to decide!

After ordering the creme brulee and hot chocolate amongst the alfresco dining area, we were able to better appreciate the ‘pretty woman in paris’ surroundings. It was fun, unique and a great place for us ‘social women’ to catch up.

I must also credit our waiters for the very attentive service. As someone who probably sips more water than the average woman, my glass never went empty. All in all, we experienced great food, great drinks, big smiles and great customer service. What more could I ask for after a busy day with the Melbourne Cup? French Martini was perfect for two modern women looking for the next best thing in Brisbane.