Cushion For Two?

Last night was a colourful experience.

My partner and I wanted to go out for dinner however we had to stick to a criteria. We did not want an overpriced meal, nor did we want a regular spot, yet it had to be close to home. After inspecting a generous list of restaurants we landed on Paddington’s Kathmandu Newa Chhe’n on Latrobe Terrace. What a great choice it was.

We stepped into a room painted in bold purples, greens an yellows. Multicoloured cushions lined every seat and prayer flags hung from the ceilings. We looked around to see traditional Tibetan objects pinned to the walls. As we were taken to our ‘table for two’ we passed groups chatting away on long dining tables, couples sharing mountain lamb while kneeling on pink and blue cushions at low tables with dim lighting and friends laying down and lazing around in low private wooden cave-like structures sharing Tibetan bread.

Not only are the seats amazing, the menu is incredibly extensive too and it is byo. I have never been to a place with much choice for vegetarian food. For our starters we shared Pakoras and Kofta balls. They were full of flavour and definitely a favourite. As for the mains, my partner enjoyed a traditional Nepalese beef dish, Goru ko masu, while I had Kauli mattar.

On the way out I had a quick peek at their fair trade goods. They had beautiful things, especially for children.

Overall it was a great experience and I just loved the atmosphere. If we were to do anything differently we would have sampled more starters as they were most definitely the winning dishes.