Party Under The Stars At Eat Street

Lights. Camera. Action! Last night was the launch party for Northshore’s Eat Street Markets at Hamilton Wharf. This street food night market is a fabulous first for Brisbane and one that I hope to return to. Luckily for me, local stores will be serving exotic plates of food from all over the world every Friday and Saturday night.

I must admit I was not sure what to expect when planning to attend the launch night. However I knew that I love Hamilton Wharf,  I obviously love to try new food in unique locations and of course a good party! So I thought why not?

I brought my partner for party support, and perhaps for the excuse to order more food, and I am glad I did as it was a night to remember. Being able to see the bright sparkling lights from afar, we parked a street away for a nice stroll up to the event. On first glance we could fairy lights and neon colours floating above event banners. However when we walked around the corner and approached the entrance we were hit with something incredible.


The night market was dispersed by the Brisbane River under the stars. Enormous shipping crates from the Northshore Containerval Festival, which was running along side the Eat Street market tonight, were transformed into pop-ups stores, an open stage was in the spotlight with crowds swaying nearby to the live music, emerging artists showcased their talent and skilled designers opened the doors to their silk scarves, vases and flowing dresses.




Making our way through the crowds of ‘oohs‘ and ‘aahs‘ we explored magical light shows reflecting lace patterns and watched a family play a game of giant chess. The festival was incredibly well designed. We especially loved spotting pop-up bands excitedly shared their tunes in various locations to break up the swarms of people.



By this time we were ready for dinner and the food on offer was sensational. My partner and I joined the enthusiastic lines for exotic eats. We sampled crocodile green curry, buffalo spring rolls, Asian crispy chicken buns and thick chocolate milkshakes. The smells wafting from the other stalls smelt just as amazing. We took quick peaks at the Hungarian pastries, Malaysian roti breads, Japanese pizza’s and Italian gelato. Having just gotten back from America where food trucks are plentiful, I was very excited to see the adapted concept come to Brisbane. Needless to say I no longer need to miss the food vans as I have something just as good in my own backyard.

IMG_5083IMG_5096 IMG_5108



The fun did not stop here. Bars and cocktail lounges set up shop in the food stalls for those socialites who want to either kick back and relax or get the party started with a few drinks.


So next weekend I know where I will be going, sipping a couple of cocktails with my girls at Carboose and munching on some Chinese dumplings.