Romance On The High Street

A quaint courtyard with the sounds of birds singing in the early morning and the smell of sweet jasmine. The Rouge Rennard in Paddington was the perfect café to start the morning today.


Up and out early, my partner and I we were seated at a white cast-iron table next to tall climbing jasmine. My only thought was perhaps they could offer something to make the chairs slightly more comfortable and space the tables a little further apart. However the charming timber house and alfresco style was very delightful.

Craving a pick me up after a long night out, we ordered our tea and coffees. The long black was a thick dark roast and boy did it smell great. My tea, chai with warm skim milk, was absolutely lovely. Brought out with a strainer and a pot of honey, it was the cup that never ends. Like a genie granting my third wish, or the never ending Tim Tam advertisement. I think I must have enjoyed about four servings from the one pot.




As we sipped our drinks while going over last nights antics, we overheard the table next to us, who were in quite close proximity, order avocado and lemon – yum. We will definitely be back for breakfast in a few weeks. If only to have the lovely service from the smiling helpful staff. Best of all, our outing only costed an easy $7. What a great way to enjoy a morning out without the price tag.

Taking one last look around before heading on to the next adventure, we noted a crowd of fashionista’s and ladies and gents wearing their best. While they looked fabulous the point of The Rouge Rennard is to let the café speak for itself with all of its charm and delight. So come as you are and enjoy the romance and beauty of Paddington’s High Street.

Who will join me for a cup of specialty coffee either here, home or somewhere special? Share the love around your networks and comment below if you have experienced this charming place or know of another great spot to check out.