Man vs Yum Cha

It’s official. I can now call myself a lady of leisure. I was lucky enough to enjoy two food celebrations in restaurants and cafes all in a day. Although it is slightly embarrassing to admit this, it was definitely a worthwhile Sunday!

My second adventure yesterday was a regular spot of mine. I was celebrating a birthday and a few farewells to avid travelers at JazzCat Restaurant. I had been looking forward to this all month.

Having been a few times before, I was well aware of their amazingly enormous modern yum cha. More to the point, it is an ‘all you can eat’ yum cha of Asian delights. So you can understand why I warned my party of five not to eat breakfast, or better yet, dinner the night before.

We arrived as soon as the doors opened to the gorgeous dove-grey timber house in a leafy side street of Paddington, not wanting to waste any time that could be spent downing Lor Mai Gai. We stepped through the sliding glass door and into a buttercup yellow room with a silver floral finish on the walls. The ambience of JazzCat was intriguing with unique paintings representing Asian culture, oriental wooden chairs, a grand piano for evening jazz and views over Paddington’s tulipwood trees.




Sitting down with knives and forks in hand we patiently awaited the first of around twenty courses. One by one the staff impressed us with young green soybeans, takoyaki (octopus balls), siew mai (pork dumplings), lotus leaf rice and crispy wontons to name a few. And yes, I really do mean ‘to name a few’. You will not only be offered course and course, you will be offered food you did not know even existed.


Half way through our fabulous lunch it started to hit us – we felt more overfed than we do on Christmas day. I have never been to a restaurant where ‘all you can eat’ is so literal. In an almost funny-scared state we laughed as new plates emerged when we thought the courses had finished. We laughed even harder when the lovely waitress asked if we would like to place special orders – there was no way we could fit anything more in.

Every single foodie at the table felt as though they were paying tribute to American ‘eater’ and challenge seeker, Adam Richman, from the popular ‘Man vs Food’ television show. Now every time we invite people back to JazzCat we will be asking them if they would like to take on their very own Man vs Yum Cha challenge. 

One of my favourite things about this Yum Cha (second to their chicken rice paper rolls) is that it truly is modern. Instead of food trolleys all of the dishes are made fresh and brought to your table and the quality and flavours are fantastic.

Before long we could not help noticing that only a few groups walked in after us. Why aren’t people lining up outside the doors? The food is amazing and the location is charming. Paddington is definitely a go-to place for many foodies. If only more people would stroll off the beaten path and try something new.

I have included some photos from the day… just so you can see what you have been missing out on!

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Emily Rose











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3 thoughts on “Man vs Yum Cha

    • Hi twobitwo. Yum cha is amazing isn’t it! I love the idea of having so many things to choose from. Although my eyes are usually bigger than my mouth! Do you have any favourite places in Stockholm? I am always keen to see what is out there.


      • Hi Emily!
        While Stockholm does have quite a few good Chinese restaurants, I haven’t yet come across one that serves yum cha in the traditional push cart style that I saw & loved so much in Melbourne…


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