Embracing our Evolution?

With its Tabebuia rosea (pink trumpet trees), thriving boutiques and trendy retro residentsPaddington seems to be a favourite place for me to walk, shop and exhaust the cafe scene. 

It is not often that I am awake before 7:00am so this morning my partner and I thought we should make the most of the morning and ‘people watch’ at a cafe everybody has been telling us to trial. Three minutes down the road, we entered the doors to Paleo Cafe. The place took me by surprise with a ‘clean eating’ feel with pure white walls and tables. Pop colours of orange and green lifted the spirits a little with vibrant chairs, plants, lights and slabs of colour.


We took a seat on the daring orange booth in front of green forest wallpaper that brought us back to the idea of living like cavemen. Having already placed our coffee order at the register, we sat back and noted the waves of gym junkies, runner’s and motivated souls all wearing bright fitness clothing that perfectly complimented the burst of orange in the room.

Time passed by and a new crowd begun to emerge. Paleo Cafe was turning over new target audiences like hotcakes. Ladies and gents in corporate dresses and blue ties looking for a bite of breakfast before work filled the seats as the fitness crowds left. Unfortunately our oder of two coffees had not arrived yet so we longingly watched the orders of bacon and eggs, avocado and muesli in paper acacia berry cups fill the tables around us. Perhaps a little to rich for my liking, the scent of coconut cream wafted over the meals.

By this stage, we were anxious for our drinks and were happy to see them being made behind the counter. As the long black and chai latte, which unfortunately was luke-warm, arrived, so did the third crowd. A subculture of independent thinkers with an obvious appreciation for creativity and indie-rock staggered through the room and mixed in with businessmen.

It is interesting how Paddngton’s Paleo Cafe, and others similar to it, have made the long running caveman lifestyle, or as Paleo Cafe put it ‘living as mother nature intended’ a current trend. This lifestyle is making the world stop and think, questioning our current consumption habits and offering guidance to adapt to a new way of living.

While it is great to see clean eating from all walks of life, I have to wonder how many in the room stick to the lifestyle day by day and how many are really modern eaters at heart. I do love the idea of counting our blessings in life, eating and living well and taking care of yourself, so perhaps that is what I will take away with me today. Where do you fit in?

Sharing the love,

Emily Rose