Ready To Board, Your Highness

Desperately wanting to take a sneak peak at what the night was about to bring, I arrived at lastnight’s VIP Queens Plaza Shopping Event early. Wondering if they were making a play on their name, I noted to myself that the event was in fact fit for a queen. Not before long, I began making my through the Christmas decorations and down the recently rolled out red carpets. 

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Name and address in check, I approached guest services to receive my VIP boarding pass for the evening’s antics. I was not sure if I felt like a ‘Very Important Person’ or perhaps as though I was about to board a jet and was gathering my plane ticket to make my way through to JFK airport.

On the other side of the ‘airport check in’ I watched a couple with large shopping bags receiving a personalised service from Louis Vuitton. Their monogram machine was ready and working and very intriguing to those passing by. Nearby stood full-suited body guards manning the Louis Vuitton tent. With precious cargo, such as Louis Vuitton suitcases, I can understand why they needed full security. I could not help but think that myself and other guests were all a part of a subtle airport-to-destination theme. I felt as though I was Carrie Bradshaw from Sex and the City in a luxury white sheet tent on the desert sands of Abu Dhabi.




I created a story for myself duty free shopping in the airport as I breezed passed Chanel and other luxury brands and up the escalators to a cluster of feminine shops. With the live entertainment ‘Jasper’, champagne and sparkling water served by store holders (who could play the part of air hostesses in my story) and over three hundred people lining up to present their boarding passes, my creative tale was becoming all the more real.

The simply amazing entertainment of the evening ‘Jasper’ played with free enthusiasm and bliss as I poked my head through the baby blue doors lined with pink balloons to greet the girls in Alannah Hill. They were excitedly opening boxes of petite treats from ‘The Cupcake Bakery’ and pouring fabulous glasses of champagne. Women were longingly running their fingers along racks of silks, cottons and sequins.









Over the hallway David Lawrence had brought out pop yellow silks and bags against wonderful white pants and dresses. Meanwhile, a fabulous sales professional had dipped her hands into home baking to add to the pretty charm of the Review store. Delicate baby cupcakes, chocolate truffle balls and raspberry chocolate macaroons were gracefully staged over a French provincial chest of drawers. I must give my compliments to the Review chef on this one.


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The fun is not over yet. I am a fool for animals, especially dogs. Peter Alexander and the RSPCA had brought in not one but two dachshunds, cuddled in the arms of every guest stopping to play. Naturally I could not resist stepping in to the Peter Alexander pajama party for a sight as the two dogs.

Working my way to the bottom floor as though I am finally finding my boarding gate after exhausting all of the glamourous shops, I stumbled upon the candy buffet, complimentary hair blow-dry’s and Mad Mex’s churros chocolate fountain. Queens Plaza’s event was a wonderful affair and the crowds were definitely having a night of excitement. However by this stage I was more than ready to gather up my complimentary party favours from T2, Mollini and Peter Alexander and hop on board my flight to Paris and pull the mask over my eyes for a dreamy sleep.

Sharing the love,

Emily Rose



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