All Aboard The Paddington Express

I have had my eyes set on a particular cafe in Rosalie for the last year. Why I have never tried it out before now beats me. So today I decided to call a friend and make it my mission to come for drinks at The Paddington Station Coffee House. 

Arriving first, I had time to capture a few pictures to share the excitement with my lovely readers while sussing out its alfresco dining options, the inside dining room all of its decor. I settled on the large European lounge chairs in the corner ‘child free zone.’ As I sat down against intriguing brick wallpaper I took in all of its charm.


The atmosphere of this delightful cafe screamed old England with a French influence to add a twist. Shabby chic clocks hung from the walls beneath a brilliant sparkling chandelier as the cafe’s statement piece. A large black and white timetable has scheduled train departures in twenty-four hour time with destinations spanning across England. There was character and charm everywhere around you and it was all tied in together with love and home baking.



It took me back to the mid 1800’s at England’s London Paddington Station when it was first in use and commuters would hurriedly come in and out. Only in this cafe it was customers making their way in and out for eat in or takeaway orders as they bounced between errands and work duties.

When my afternoon tea date arrived we made our way to the counter and took interest in all of the homemade delights being relayed by the friendly staff. We chose the homemade iced tea which is always a winner, a vanilla milkshake and a blueberry muffin.



An hour past and our tummies were now happy. Even though the cafe was preparing for close, I could not fathom why this place had not been more busy. Perhaps it is because we were there both during work hours and during school pick-up time and everybody was busying about with other things. Or maybe the rush comes at breakfast or lunch? Either way, I will need to make another trip to check out the crowds again. When you are happy with the decor, soft seating, prices and smiles when you order how could you ever let this great cafe slip through your fingers?