Daylight Savings At The Myer Centre

The Myer Centre in Brisbane CBD kicked of their christmas festivities with an event that provoked consumers to wonder what they would do with extra hours in the day.


As I arrived, I was expecting to see acrobats hanging from the ceiling, christmas carolers and white fairies as they had once displayed years ago. Unfortunately this over-the-top promotion had not been carried through this year.

Not to worry though as they did have a few touch points around the centre. Their day light savings theme had been carried across all levels as consumers and stores were asked ‘what would you do if you had more hours in your day?’ On the ground floor Salsa’s Fresh Mex Grill had answered with music as their live band carried out mexican tunes to those enjoying the food court. People seemed to be having the most fun here, dancing with their children and swaying to the glorious notes.





As I moved up a level I found the large bowl of life savers next to a bouquet of flowers on the customer service counter. These tubes of hard colourful sugar were going like hot cakes as hands after hands were making their way deep into the bowl. I suppose many would enjoying some extra daylight so that the candy stores around town could stay open a little longer.



Making my way through Myer I was approached by a couple of promotional kids who were trying to get consumers onto Instagram with a fun life sized photo frame. I spent a few more minutes in Myer, passing the children who were lining up for Santa, and browsing the christmas trim shop, before moving on to the next touch point.






A great find was the cool, Hawaiian inspired display on one of the upper levels. I patch of faux grass had been laid out with pots plants, flamingo’s and complimentary iced cold bottles of Schweppes for those who hunted them down.




We moved along to the end of the evening. Up one more level were free $20 gift cards for 200 VIP members. These were handed to guests from a BBQ which provoked the idea of having true Aussie fun with more hours in the day.

Overall it was interesting to see the newly developed food court and discover what promotional tactics had been utilised. However I would have loved to have seen more from the Myer Centre itself to make the event something special, and perhaps a little more positivity. However those that were there purely to shop would have been in paradise with sales from most stores. 

Sharing the love,

Emily Rose