Princess And The Pea – With China Tea

Orange pekoe, lemon hibiscus ginger kiss and Egyptian peppermint. These are a few of the divine loose leaf tea’s that I was able to choose from yesterday morning. Anouk Cafe in Paddington had my partner and I for pots of hot tea and Merlo espresso blend coffee. 

Walking into the spacious urban chic room, we noticed the dark wooden tables and bentwood chairs with open backs. They stood out against the shabby chic and brick white walls which housed its guests. The innovative red currant wreath caught our eyes and took us into the spirit of Christmas without overwhelming us with festive decor. So far Anouk had impressed me and I was drawn to its simple, elegant and sophisticated taste.

My partner and I were welcomed promptly and seated at the heavenly red booth with piles of rich, soft cushions along the side wall. I felt like the Princess from ‘Princess and the Pea’ propped up on twenty mattresses and twenty featherbeds – only this time without the pea.

Our water glasses were filled immediately and we were handed two paper menu’s. One menu had been stained with coffee and our waited instantly replaced it before allowing us to even notice. We were off to a great start with the service.

Perusing our ‘perfect’ menu’s, I noticed that the coffee section was perhaps limited. Not to worry though, the rest of the drinks menu had more than enough to keep me satisfied. Hot loose leaf farmhouse malt, old fashioned iced tea, lychee’s with lime and muddled strawberry’s and mint. What more could a girl want?

Feeling a little greedy, I ordered an enormous pot of China Jasmine tea while my partner had his taste buds set on the Merlo espresso blend – long. Our drinks arrived within a fair amount of time which always keeps my partner happy. While the tea was brewed in a beautiful pot (french-moroccan inspired) which always keeps me happy. 

All in all, I can say that Anouk will become a regular spot for our pre-work coffee dates.


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