The Beat Of Valley Fiesta

The sky was grey, clouds swarming overhead. Hail and lightening had recently stuck and the last of the rain was trickling down. It was 2:30pm and I had just finished up at a lunch date in Brisbane City. I was so close the closing evening of Valley Fiesta and was determined not to (literally) let the storm rain on my parade.

Dragging my partner into the car, we headed in to the storm clouds for Valley Fiesta. Arriving right after the starting time, it appeared that Brisbane’s temperamental rain clouds had warned people away.

We stood for moment to observe the scene. My smile finally came when we could spot quite a few loyal fans in the small crowd who were also determined to support local musicians. With every cloud comes a silver lining – it was nice to see such an appreciation for Brisbane’s music scene. Meanwhile, the sky began to clear and groups of fans casually strolled on in to the crowd already circling the stage.

Sharing the love,

Emily Rose

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