Lighting of Brisbane’s Christmas Tree

The sky grew darker as the night wandered in to Brisbane city. Thousands of bystanders stood eagerly in King George Square. Children were dancing around while waving Starlight Foundation wands; parents stood still grasping what they believed were the best spots in the square; while excited friends from young to mature climbed hills, seats and walls, towering over others. 



Standing over twenty metres high with more than 16,000 bulbs stood Brisbane’s christmas tree with a loyal crowd circling all around it.


Last night was the lighting of the christmas tree and many were there to join in the celebration. An appearance from Santa Claus drove the children wild. Carols, comedy shows and a performance from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang entertained the thousands of guests before Lord Mayor Graham Quirk announced the lighting of the tree.

In the few moments before the tree was lit, the anticipation grew stronger and crowds gathered closer. A cluster of phone lights gave spotlight to the people as everybody eagerly prepared for a picture of the tree in its first lighting.