Christmas At St. Barts Anyone? | BLOG

I awoke bright and early this morning with the sun sending warm rays of light through my window. It was the perfect morning to get out and about. So I thought ‘why not take a trip to St. Barts?’

St. Barts on James Street that is. I stepped in to their bright, summer room which had been filled with luxe bohemian designs and elegant craftsmanship from the Caribbean Coast. With relatives currently on a Caribbean cruise ship, and inspiration all around me, I had the sudden urge to jump on board the next flight leaving Brisbane airport. Unfortunately a few things were holding me to Brisbane!


Instead I ran my fingers over soft silk clothing, colourful yarn and leather notebooks. I smelt beautiful magnolia and frangipani butter soaps and divine lotions. White brick walls opened the space and large luxe cushions invited you to stay a little longer.

With the words ‘Christmas Joy’ scrolled across their window I made it my mission to find elegant and unique christmas gifts.

As soon as I saw the mix of metallic gold and white, orange and pink bon bons I knew I had found what I was there for. Normally I love the bon bon surprise and cannot wait for Christmas day to see what is inside. However today I was pleased to know that triple milled cucumber, tea and jasmine soaps are inside and ready to be gifted.