Happy With My Little Dumplings


The sun was shining bright and warm this morning, people were smiling and laughing on every corner and everybody was getting ready for a great day. So I thought, why not try out some ‘happy’ food for lunch.

I headed in to Fortitude Valley to a gorgeous little eatery that always seemed to be on happy hour time. With a line out the door, and many hungry tummies, I claimed my spot behind the string of people for Happy Little Dumplings.

As I looked to my left I was uplifted by inspirational poems hanging off the walls. I don’t think I had ever felt more positive in a line for food before!



Before I could read what was in every frame I was at the counter and ready to order three chicken shu mai and three mushroom and vegetable jiaozi. After helping myself to petite bowls of soy sauce and chili, I took my seat and devoured each and every one of those happy little treats.



If you are in the area, don’t pass this one up. A simple ten dollars will buy you more than a few of the greatest dumplings in Fortitude Valley.

Sharing the love,

Emily Rose