A French Christmas at French Twist Indooroopilly


Fruit mince pies with stars on top, pretty mint green macarons, long french colonial tables and dark wooden stools filled Indooroopilly’s new French Twist.

I headed on down to Indooroopilly yesterday, fulfilling some bridesmaids duties – diamonds and chiffonwhat else do girls love most? Actually we were still in dire need of coffee and sweet treats so perhaps that should be added to this list. We stumbled upon this gorgeous cafe. It was the wheel barrow filled with a green garden that first caught our eyes.

As we walked passed the french counter the smells of pastry, freshly baked bread and christmas filled our noses.




We took a seat at the centre table that held beautiful green, orange and pink macarons on top of large wooden blocks. While we were very tempted to reach out and grab a macaron to nibble on while we waiting for our coffee, we were pulled back down to earth with the sign that told us they were not edible.


However we had a pleasant experience all the same and are loving the idea of a French christmas this year.

Sharing the love,

Emily Rose


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