Honey Pot Chic At Gail Sorronda


We hit the streets this afternoon, scouting the best fashion trends in James Street, Fortitude Valley.

Walking along the paved street lined with climbing vines and creeping green plants, we came across a much loved fashion icon Gail Sorronda. Elements of her dark romanticism shone through the collection of whites, deep purples and Christmas reds.

Tassels and woven necklaces were paired with black and white wedges and Swarm Skirt Shorts. Queen Bee dresses and Honey Puff blouses effortlessly held themselves together on silver hangers.

Taking a closer look, we noticed the Michael Zavros and Just Like Honey pieces for Gail Sorronda. They blended seamlessly with the black floor and white walls.


On my way out, I spotted the most gorgeous honey pots and scented candles.


Tempted to dip my fingers in and take some home, I felt like ‘Winnie the Pooh’ with his big pot of honey.


Sharing the love,

Emily Rose


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