A Christmas Special – Natural Decorations For Your Tree


Christmas is a joyful time for red and white santa stockings, golden wreaths and homemade decorations.

This year at Emily Rose we have gotten creative with all things Christmas. Follow our page and stay tuned in the following week because we will be releasing a Christmas special. Emily Rose are sharing tasteful and elegant Christmas decorations, gifts and gourmet treat made with love.

Today we will be focusing on the traditional Christmas. Every year the holidays brings families together. Some love to bring the fresh smell of pine into their living rooms with a native tree to light up and hover above the gifts.

We have taken a creative spin on this family tradition. Not having the luxury of a real pine tree, we commonly have to buy a plastic tree from the local department store. However this year, we have found a way to bring nature indoorsย with pine cones.

Dragging a few helpers along, we hunted down the best trees in Brisbane and collected their fallen pine cones.

Since we desired a more natural look this year, we have simply washed and dried each pine cone and left them uncoloured. Using a mixture of the dried sprigs from the pine cones, silky white ribbon and twine, we simple tied the tips of each pine cone to make a loop.


This has left us with the most beautiful hanging decorations for the Christmas season. Make as many as you can and mix them in with wooden and white porcelain store bought decorations on your tree.



The divine smell of pine has filled the house and it makes the Christmas tree feel a little closer to nature.

Sharing the love,

Emily Rose


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