A Simple Homemade Christmas


Christmas does not always have to follow the traditional santa and snowmen decorations with red, green and gold tinsel.

This year Emily Rose have created beautiful vanilla candles with champagne trim ribbon. This is an elegant and simple way to decorate the home at Christmas time while filling the room with a delicious fragrance.

We used the wax from an already broken Ecoya vanilla candle. For this project you can use any scent you desire.

Using a non stick pot we slowly melted down the wax before pouring the mixture into a small glass jar. Next we inserted the candle wick.

Taking a few purple flowers from the garden, we added these to the top and waited for the wax to harden.


Once cooled we glued thick champagne satin ribbon around the side. This was then ready to be lit or kept for the table at Christmas lunch.


Create these candles for a beautiful, delicate themed Christmas in your home.


Sharing the love,

Emily Rose