Life’s Simple Pleasures


Life has many simple pleasures on offer for those who want to look for them.

It could be as simple as spending time with loved ones, having a few drinks with friends, waking up early to hear the birds sing or walking in to the sunset.

Emily Rose have captured a few special and simple moments to share with you. We hope you can find inspiration in this post and relive some of your own pleasures in life. Whether you repeat something in your usual day, yet feel more gratitude towards it, or relive some moments from your childhood or teen life, it is your own journey. Here is ours.

1. Feeding the ducks – and other hovering creatures


2. Picnics in the park


3. Coffee with a close friend

sofitel coffee

4. Walking along theĀ beach


5. Window shopping – not always for clothing!


6. Watching the sun set – magical


Sharing the love,

Emily Rose