An Almost Vegan Christmas

Vegan Christmas 4-2

When we think of Christmas lunch we think of ham, turkey, and all the trimmings.

On Saturday, when I got together with a group of girlfriends to celebrate the festive season, we found ourselves in a group of two meat eaters, two vegetarians, and one vegan.

We had all volunteered to bring a plate of food and figured out pretty quickly that it was going to be difficult to make three variations of every dish.

In light of the realisation we decided to mix up the traditional Christmas spread with a totally vegetarian and mostly vegan meal.

We started with homemade hummus and avocado salsa dips, and a plate of watermelon and cherries covered in Persian fairy floss. Admittedly, starters are not generally the most meat and diary heavy dishes in the meal so there was little to miss and a lot to enjoy.

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The main was a combination of crunchy noodle salad, roast vegetables drizzled with balsamic vinegar, and a bakery pull-apart.

Vegan Christmas 2

This is where the ‘mostly’ prefix of vegan comes into play. The noodle salad was accompanied by a creamy dressing containing milk and eggs for those who opted for it. It was however still easily enjoyed pre-dressed by the vegan among us. Again, the missing meat was barely noticed by the meat eaters at the table.

Vegan Christmas 1

Dessert was our least vegan-committed but most varied course of the day. We had a spread of red velvet cupcakes, shortbread cookies, white mint chip vegan chocolate, and regular and vegan (gelatin free) lollies, and homemade vegan chocolate balls.

While it would have been easy at this point to totally forgo the vegan options we all decided to give it a try and were pleasantly surprised when we went back for seconds… and thirds.

If you are looking for something a little different for your Christmas meal I sincerely encourage you to consider taking the vegan, or at least vegetarian, challenge as we did. Even for only a few of the dishes on your table.

Our meal was light, delicious, and full of fresh fruit and veg. We left with the obligatory post-Christmas meal bloat and a newfound enthusiasm for exploring some of the amazing vegan and vegetarian friendly restaurants of Brisbane together.

Words by Rachel Driml

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  1. This is my first vegetarian (semi-vegan) Christmas and I was slightly nervous about what I would eat with my meat-eating family. My dad is preparing the traditional lamb, but I am making a risotto that will serve as my main meal and their side dish – best for everyone!


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