Artist Nell awarded $50,000 for UQ National Artists’ ‘Selfie’ Prize

Nell. Image by AJ Moller

Nell. Image by AJ Moller

Nell has taken Brisbane’s art world by storm with her winning self portrait. This is an article I wrote for local website Creative Drinks.

The winner has been announced for The University of Queensland National Artists’ Self-Portrait Prize 2013, remix. post. connect.

Opened in October, The University of Queensland’s annual biennial award invited national Artists to express their views and provoke debate around the identity of one’s self and the broad cultural trends of humanity.

Launched in 2004, the National Collection of Artists’ Self Portraits aimed to shed light on the contemporary Australian and individualism. This was both a significant subject matter and an important collection within The University of Queensland’s cultural heritage.

This year The University of Queensland drew attention to the notion of manipulating, presenting and exchanging characteristics of humanity’s own identify across multiple technological platforms. The exhibition drew relevance to today’s current technological and media-focused world.

Director of The University of Queensland Art Museum Dr Campbell Gray said, “The 2013 exhibition is powerful and stimulating.”

Each Artist revealed either a genuine or untrue aspect of themselves through their work.

Winner of the 2013 National Artists’ Self-Portrait Prize, Nell, explored a contrast to her non-violent Buddhist practice by mirroring the act of killing a larger than life blowfly from one of her previous self-portrait exhibitions.

94128_WEB-Nell-SUMMER-02_Single use, request permission

Nell commented, “In the amplification of the uniqueness and singularity of one obscure blowfly is the ‘flyness’ of all flies – just as the ‘humanness’ of all humans is tangible in any decent artistic portrait.”

This dual self-portrait portrayed the journeys of birth, life and death.

Nell, whose entertaining tombstone Happy ending 2006 sits at the entrance to The University of Queensland Art Museum, has added her name and her exhibit, Summer 2012, to the National Collection of Artists’ Self Portraits.

“We are excited to receive [Nell’s] work into our Collection,” Gray stated.

With entry into remix. post. connect. by invitation only, the exhibit encompassed unique and compelling work by talented Artists. Their skill and insights have created an exhibit that is not to be missed.

Details: The University of Queensland National Artists’ Self-Portrait Prize 2013 | 19th October 2013 to 16th February 2014; Daily 10.00am to 04.00pm

Remaining Image: Nell SUMMER 2012 digital video, edition of 10 3.00 mins Videography: Tina Havelock Stevens Sound: Ingrid Rowell Courtesy of the artist and Roslyn Oxley9 Gallery, Sydney Winner of ‘The University of Queensland National Artists’ Self-Portrait Prize 2013’