Birthday on Brunswick

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As each year goes by my friends and I struggle more and more to find interesting and exciting places to celebrate our birthdays.

Whether it is a simple dinner with the girls or a party to remember, it is always a challenge keeping it fresh in the city we have celebrated in for over two decades.

This year for a friend’s 23rd birthday we decided to go with the former rather than the latter and kept it intimate. After weeks of discussing, deliberating and comparative analysis we settled on the often passed yet seldom visited Brunswick Social.

Hidden away underneath Zuri Bar in Fortitude Valley, everything from the décor to the ordering systems was designed for the group experience, which made it the perfect place for us.

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As we relaxed into the couches surrounding our secluded table, cleverly tucked underneath the staircase used to enter the venue, we quickly realised why this is one of the most popular boutique dinner and late night hotspots in Brisbane.

The menus were set up like a checklist, you simply write how many servings of each of the divine dishes you want to order for the table. The asain-stye food on offer includes spring rolls, assorted dumplings, barbeque pork buns, and a whole lot more.

It was no easy decision however eventually we got through it and after handing our order over to the friendly wait staff we headed to the bar.

Brunswick Social offers a great selection of beer, wine and other standard drinks. Being a birthday celebration we had to kick things off with some cocktails.

I decided to go with the Palomao; herradurra, reposado, grapefruit juice, lime juice, agave nectar topped with grapefruit foam and a cherry.

Although I cannot pronounce most of the ingredients in it, I can tell you with all honesty that the drink was one of the most beautiful and well-balanced I’ve ever tasted. My friends all had similar reviews for their choices.

Brunswick Social was not only kind to our taste buds but our wallets too. The food ranged from around $4-$8 per serving and after the initial celebratory cocktail we stuck to the wines which were also around $8 a glass.

This will definitely be a place we will revisit sooner rather than later. The sophisticated feel of the venue, mixed with the group focus, and intimate overall experience made it the perfect place to get together to celebrate being another year old yet none the wiser.

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Emily Rose

Author: Rachel Driml