QCP’s first photography event of the season

QCP alexiasinclair_thefeast_2013

The first exhibition of 2014 went off without a hitch at the Queensland Centre for Photography (QCP).

Despite recent funding cuts, QCP in South Brisbane are determined to host photography exhibitions for the city of Brisbane.

Opened by the lovely Gordon Craig, the first of the season showcased a number of artists and exhibitions.

Guests were swarming around the artwork, each giving their own opinions and interpretations. Meanwhile, drinks were on offer at the bar for those there to mingle.

A particular favourite of mine was titled A Frozen Tale by Australian artist Alexia Sinclair.

Her work featured count Carl Custaf Wrangel. The rooms from within this mid 17th century Swedish castle captured the majestic tale of Skokloster Slott and its visitors over the years.

Displayed until February 16, Sinclair’s work is something that should be visited in person in order to truly experience its underlying depth and beauty.

QCP Gallery | Corner of Cordelia and Russell Streets, South Brisbane

Image credited to Queensland Centre for Photography