Farmhouse lunch in the heart of Brisbane


With its vintage black farm truck, wooden tables and cheese to die for, Oliver & Co. Deli + Table is one of Brisbane’s trendiest spots to eat.

This deli and restaurant, which boasts a certain farmland, rustic charm, is nestled in Indooroopilly’s recently developed gourmet food  court.


As I walked passed the crowd who were scattered over long tables, high tables and low tables, the smell of delicate cheeses, hot pizza and deli meats filled the room.

Walking straight up to the counter with a big appetite for a nice meal, we ordered a vegetarian pizza.

Let’s just say we did not regret our choice. The pizza was pilled with delicious pumpkin, eggplant and the finest cows milk feta and mozzarella.


Sitting beside the floor to ceiling wall of fresh plants gave us the perfect feel for a lunch in the country.

I am not normally one to stop in to the shopping centre for a gourmet lunch. However with Oliver & Co. Deli + Table on scene, I might have to make a few more appearances with friends.

Sharing the love,

Emily Rose