Historial Walk Ashgrove

The name Ashgrove was first used in the 1874 Post Office Directory as the address for Queensland Judge and founder of St Johns Wood, George Rogers Harding.


To this day, the leafy suburb of Brisbane still pays tribute to its history in more ways than one.

In addition to the memorials erected in public parks, Ashgrove encourages the community to reflect on its story by taking a stroll down memory lane through the walking track off Acacia Drive.

Set amongst the creek and bush that runs behind Marist College, the walking track surprises new visitors with a historical timeline.


Silver plaques lay unobtrusively on the quiet footpath with dates and notes of occurrences in history. These plaques are simple enough to allow walkers to recall moments of the past every few hundred steps without putting a hold on exercise regimes.

katherine lamont

One plaque with a few more details sits on a large rock at the entrance to the pathway. It commemorates the first sale of freehold land from 1856.

Funded by the Bushland Preservation Levy, the historical walking track also supports Brisbaneโ€™s rehabilitation project with locally native flora that in turn provides a local habitat for native wildlife.

The track along from Acacia Drive is an open pathway that encourages locals to remember the history of a suburb well-loved.

Details: Corner of Acacia Drive and Othaki Road | Public space


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