Scout Café Petrie Terrace

Sitting on the outskirts of Brisbane City Centre is Scout Café, a quirky eatery with a dreamland of unicorns, bambi and grizzly bears.

katherine lamont - brisbane weekender

The café boast much charm and a sense of humour with an original coffee character stamped on the side brick wall, kitchy tables and chairs inside and out and quirky childhood characters scattered around.

katherine lamont - brisbane weekender

Scout Café dishes up an amazing Rare Roast Beef salad. The very generous mountain of meat comes with a serving of roasted thyme onions, dried figs, crunchy rye croutons, sharp blue cheese, fresh green leaves and delicious herb vinaigrette.

katherine lamont - brisbane weekender

With the added bonus of freshly made watermelon, mint and strawberry juice and gluten free brownies, Scout Café is the perfect rest stop on the way home from a morning in Brisbane’s busy city.

katherine lamont - brisbane weekender

Details: 190 Petrie Terrace, Brisbane, Queensland 4000 | (07) 3367 2171 |


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