Blake and Taylor’s Cafe Paddington

Blake and Taylor is a charming and creative recycled furniture and homewares store, situated in a historical building of Paddington from the 1890s.

The innovative concept store welcomes visitors to wander through the nooks and corners and finish off with homemade lemonade and sweets treats in their inspired cafe.

Nestled on its own platform, Blake and Taylor’s café brings inspiration from every season throughout the year.

katherine lamont - brisbane weekender

During the Christmas season, the café is set out with red and green place settings, textured linen napkins and festive wooden décor while the converted fireplace is decked with holly and Australian gumnuts.

katherine lamont - brisbane weekender

The quiet oasis allows visitors to revive with the likes of a vintage pot of Cleopatra Champagne Loose Leaf Tea and homemade chocolate chip cookies.

katherine lamont - brisbane weekender

Some are lucky enough to arrive as the weekly batches of homemade scones are delivered. The scones arrive at the store wrapped the traditional way in a tea towel to keep warm, making visitors feel as welcome and comfortable as they would visiting a good friend at home.

katherine lamont - brisbane weekender

The café at Blake and Taylor is a hidden gem in Paddington, with inspired gifts to ponder over before relaxing with an elegant morning tea.

Details: 11 Latrobe Terrace, Paddington QLD 4064 | 07 3369 7255 | Open Sunday 10:00am to 4:00pm and Monday to Saturday 9:00am to 5:00pm