My First Day as a Food Critic | BLOG

There’s little to be left unappreciated at a media dinner.

Amongst the hustle of dozens of bloggers, impassioned food enthusiasts, lifestyle writers and intense photographers, an eagerness for delicious cuisine lingers until the satisfaction of a full stomach signals the perfect foodie experience.

On Monday night, I found myself at my first restaurant launch surrounded by an inviting array of food journalists and bloggers anxiously awaiting yet another five-star success.

Communal: Bar & Eat House in Brisbane Square opened its doors for the first time to the media, unveiling its cosy yet glamorous interior design (including an unmissable yellow-tiled Italian wood fired oven) to ferocious Instagramers.

After having my name checked off the guest list, the drinks and tasting were soon to begin. Sparkling sangria rosso cocktails accompanied by brightly coloured jugs glittered the ever-moving platters they stood on.

Minutes later the appetisers were rolled out. The diavolo pizza, spicy but fulfilling, had been a hot start to the fabulous night ahead.

Next we were led to the dining area that boasted long, extended tables of a simplistic nature. Hip and intriguing artwork oversaw each laid out dish, while ‘Communal: Bar & Eat House’ written in fluorescently golden lights was stamped on the brick wall ahead.

Chit-chat commenced, and once the rosemary and confit garlic slow cooked lamb shoulder was served to each table one-by-one, cameras and iPhones instantly emerged and a wave of shuttering lenses was heard like fluttering wings, or the sound dominos make once the first is pushed over. Photograph by Melanie Baker

It was almost laughable to see each dish sit in its mouth-watering glory for at least five minutes before anyone was comfortable enough to begin devouring it.

The lamb sat beautifully presented on a raised, long wooden chopping-board, sourced from Byron Bay. Photograph by Melanie Baker

The seafood skyscraper then made its appearance, with cooked crumbed fish, grilled scallops and chilled Maloolaba prawns, naked oysters, crab and more.

More cocktails elongated the night, and once everything that could have been eaten was joyfully consumed, the night drew to a close, and the contented bloggers and food obsessed writers left their tables and made their way home to write another successful, delectable review of yet another five-star Brisbane restaurant. Photograph by Melanie Baker

Being a food critic may be tough – having to consume as many servings as possible, paired with the extraneous task of tasting all cocktails presented on your table, while also attempting desperately to capture that perfect foodie shot.

However, if the task reaches overwhelmingly daunting, remember that each and every drink and dish is perfectly free.

Words and Pitcures by Melanie Baker