Illusionists 1903 at QPAC

During the opening night of The Illusionists 1903 Brisbane were invited to experience an evening of world-class illusion, mystery and eccentric and death-defying acts performed by internationally celebrated showmen, mentalism entertainers and conjurers.

Illusionists 1903 Production Shots by QPAC

The performance transported the audience back in time to the renowned golden age of magic with Edwardian summer shirt-waists, vintage dresses and a long-forgotten bag of tricks from the beginning of magic entertainment.

Produced by the creative minds behind international hits The Illusionists and The Illusionists 2.0, this season’s The Illusionists 1903 introduced comedy, suspense and immortality through ancient art forms and modern twists on some of the worlds most spectacular illusions.

Illusionists 1903 Production Shots by QPAC

The incredible cast has been hand-piked to include The Immortal, The Eccentric and The Daredevil, whose stunts had the entire audience gripping their seats with every nail-biting, unbelievable and jaw-dropping act.

Illusionists 1903 Production Shots by QPAC

The most captivating act by The Daredevil, Jonathan Goodwin, involved never-seen before experiments that almost had his entire body on fire with safety precautions that are not normally needed on the theatre stage.

The Illusionists 1903 also included The Showman, The Conjuress, The Maestro and The Clairvoyants who performed mentalist ticks that were sure to provoke many sleepless nights amongst the audience in wonder of their illusions.

The Illusionists 1903 provided an evening of entertainment from the golden age of magic, with insights into levitation, mentalism, juggling and shocking stunt performances.

Details: Illusionists 1903 | 4 to 11 January 2015 | $79.00 to $99.00 | Concert Hall, QPAC Brisbane

Illusionists 1903 Production Shots. Images by the Queensland Performing Arts Centre.