The Wind in the Willows at La Boite

The opening night of The Wind in the Willows was a delightful performance for children and adults alike, as they were invited to take part in the wonder and mystery of a story passed down through many generations.

In the modern adaptation of the classic tale, Playwright Maxine Mellor and Director Kat Henry offer a clever and entertaining one-man show.


The performance captivated the audience with actor Luke Carroll, who is known for his work as Playschool’s Presenter and Actor.

Carroll skilfully brought the performance to life by portraying the four famous woodland friends, Mr Toad, Mole, Badger and Ratty in a brilliant manner.

The show included props that fell from the ceiling, billowing smoke and a great use of light and dark.


The most unique part of the performance was encouraging an experience for the audience with interactive elements.

From the characters running through the audience to sing-a-longs, The Wind in the Willows captivated the audience for the full 60-minute show.

Performed in the Roundhouse Theatre by the La Boite Theatre Company, The performance is not one to be missed by 4-12 year olds these school holidays.

Words by Kristen Brown

The Wind in the Willows. Images by Dylan Evans.

Details: The Wind in the Willows | 7 to the 17 January | $23 to $30 | La Boite Roundhouse Theatre, 6-8 Must Avenue, Kelvin Grove