Interview with Frankly My Dear

Brisbane Weekender went behind the scenes with Sammi Martin and Amber Scherrenberg of Frankly My Dear while they prepared their beautiful collection of jewellery for The Village Markets in Burleigh Heads.


The best friends turned successful entrepreneurs behind the highly sort after range have created stunning jewellery at a decent price point.

The pair aim to give all women the opportunity to treat themselves.

KB. How did Frankly My Dear come about?

SM. I was on maternity leave after having my first child and I was looking for something to do. It actually started with me making cushions but I picked up the sewing machine, and then kind of wanted to kill it. I got over making cushions very quickly!

KB. What made you change to jewellery?

SM. My husband (who never wears jewellery) said he wanted a necklace. He was on a barber’s apprenticeship at the time and I was on maternity leave so instead of paying for one I thought, “right! I’m going to make one!” After I made it, I wanted one, then all of my friends wanted jewellery too and it started from there.


KB. What is your background?

SM. Amber and I have worked together in Real Estate but before that I did fashion design and then went on to do a workshop through The Whitehouse Institute of Design.

KB. What is the story behind the name, Frankly My Dear?

SM. My daughter’s name is Frankie, so I wanted bring her name into it. A friend suggested Frankly My Dear and I thought it was lovely.

KB. So what does your normal day look like?

AS. I take care of everything behind the scenes, like our website and social media, Sammi does the designs and we both make the jewellery.


SM. We’ve gone from doing one order a week to up to 50 to 60 orders a day. So we both are making jewellery most days. Amber also models our jewellery so she spends some time in front of the camera as well.

KB. What is your favourite material to work with?

AS. We love working with crystals. There’s something pure and healing in them. We often change which ones we work with depending on our mood.

SM. The rose quartz is pale, beautiful and simple and amethysts have so much colour variation through them. Girls come down to see us at the (Village) markets and they say “I want to see which crystal picks me” and I love that.

KB. Where do you source your materials from?

SM. We use local suppliers because even though it’s cheaper to source overseas, you have no say over the quality.

AS. We test out all products that come through our workshop to make sure the chains don’t go green or tarnish and that they will last and be something that people to want to wear.


KB. What is your favourite item from the range?

AS. I’m addicted to the body chains, they are definitely my favourite. I wear a body chain every day, it’s my standard piece.

SM. Mine is the ‘mum necklace’ because I’m breastfeeding. It’s a statement piece we sell but it is also so sturdy, if my son grabs it off me, it’s not going to break and be a choking hazard.

KB. What is your most popular piece and how long does it take to make?

SM. There was a point where 100% of my time went into headpieces and they are still very popular. There is so much variation with them; you have to get the weight balance right, if you’re getting married or out clubbing, you don’t want it to fall off by the end of the night. Lots of time and technique goes into the headpiece but I love doing them.


KB. What’s next for Frankly My Dear?

AS. We’re heading off to Bali to photograph our new collection in a few weeks which is going to be a lot of fun.

SM. We’ve also got a different range in the works where we want to incorporate real gold and sterling silver. We will still keep our standard jewellery pieces though. I love that our current range is so affordable that everyone can spoil themselves.

Words by Kristen Browen

Pictures by Erika Myer

Details: Frankly My Dear | Found at The Village Markets, Burleigh Heads | Online at Etsy, Shopify and Beginning Boutique