Bold and Unbridled

Kristian Williams brought his colourful and exciting art exhibition, Bold and Unbridled, to Brisbane.

Art enthusiasts and supporters were out in force for the gallery opening. 



As Di Cant, the gallery curator, put it, “He is hot!’


The Brisbane artist has been painting since the age of four and grew up inspired by his parents’ creativity. 


He has previously worked in fashion and is now pursuing his passion for painting.


His neo-expressionist style features glossy enamel paints and oil pastels with bright shades of turquoise, yellow, and candy pink. 


The paintings explore people, emotions and dreams. 


The setting is certainly dreamlike. In the tunnel-like space of the gallery, surreal portraits stare from every angle.


Of his paintings, Williams said, ‘My art is my perception of the world around us.’


This collection has a distinctive energy and is a must see for lovers of art and colour. 


Highlights include Unbridled (2014)Mammy Dearest (2015) and crowd favourite Haiawatha (2015).


Words by Hannah Abell


Images provided by publicity


Details: Mercure Hotel, North Quay | 85-87 North Quay, Brisbane QLD 4000