Flickerfest Short Films Festival

The 24th International Short Film Festival paraded in style as 22 of the most artistic and provocative short films worldwide were screened at the Judith Wright Centre. 

BAFTA recognised that short films are of many international origins, including Britain, Poland, France, Turkey, Japan and Australia. 

Flickerfest kicked off with an opening night party dedicated to the talent and innovation of Australian short film directors. The event included dramas, comedies and science fiction. 

The Witching Hour, which premiered for the first time in Brisbane, told the story of the magic of midnight where a group of people must survive the mysterious world they are swept into until the morning. 

Thursday and Friday saw the celebration of the best international short films from Flickerfests Five International Competition programmes in Bondi 2015. 

Featuring stories as hard-hitting as Listen, where middle eastern family abuse is explored in a frightening 13 minutes, and as hilarious as Pony Place, where an older woman is given her granddaughteriPad for a weekend, with the responsibility of up-keeping a very addictive game. 

All genres were celebrated in this yearFlickerfest, where an entertaining weekend of Short Films at the Judith Wright Centre had been unforgettable. 

Words by Melanie Baker

Images provided by publicity


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