Roll up for La Soirée at QPAC

In a must see 10th anniversary tour, La Soirée is back in Brisbane for a strictly limited season. 

The diverse crew of performers has wowed audiences the world over with its mix of cabaret, burlesque, and circus sideshow acts. 


For the troupe’s “Ten Years Bold” tour to Brisbane, QPAC’s Playhouse has been transformed into an intimate space. 

Bleachers, ringside, and ‘posh’ seats, surrounded the small circular stage where the performers use act with brilliance, creativity, and precision. 

Each of the performers brought something new to the stage, charming the audience and creating an unforgettable experience.

One highlight was Jess Love’s bold hoop and skipping rope routines. They were far from traditional, with a cheeky burlesque edge. 


The English Gents performed mind-blowing acts of strength and acrobatic skill, all the while puffing a pipe and remaining dapper in appearance. 

New York’s Tanya Gagné flew above the stage on trapezewhile Sweden’s David & Fofo playful ping pong ball routine left the audience giggling.

However Captain Frodo (otherwise known as the Incredible Rubberman) truly astounded the crowd with his hilarious and unbelievable contortion routine.

The acts of La Soirée had the audience laughing, gasping and in utter disbelief of the incredible performers, making it a night to remember.

Words by Hannah Abell

DetailsLa Soirée | Queensland Performing Arts Centre, South Brisbane | 7 to 24 May 2015 | Tickets $65.00 to $109.00