QTC and Dead Puppets Society present ARGUS

Last Wednesday the adventurous story of Argus opened at the Queensland Theatre Companys Billie Brown Studio.

A production also presented by the Dead Puppets Society, Argus is a story about imagination, innocence, confusion, despair and most of all, love. 

Argus, the little creature at the center of the play, finds himself lost as the loves of his life are taken away from him. He spends his days searching the world (and even outer-space) to search for both his family and his soul mate. 

Those who enjoy puppetry will find the performance of Argus a whirlwind of talent and creativity.

The show entails emotional performances given by puppeteers Nathan Booth, Laura Hague, Matthew Seery and Anna Straker

Highlights of the performance include brilliant lighting and set designs (children are set to enjoy the thousands of water-bubbles released as part of the puppetry).

Moving music is performed by ARIA nominated musicians John Babbage (saxophonist and composer), Robert Davidson (double bass and bass guitarist) and Christa Powell (violinist). Pianist Therese Milanovic also gives an incredible performance.

For those who are lost on possible theatrical shows that will entertain the entire family, Argus is a must-see. The puppetry will excite children of all ages, and will bring adults back to a time where innocence and love were all that mattered.

Words by Melanie Baker

Details: Ticketing 1800 355 528 | 78 Montague Rd, South Brisbane 4101 | 5 May until 17 May | Running time approximately 45 minutes (no interval)