Wearing Memories

With the international sign for celebration being a flute of bubbly, it makes sense that champagne inspired jewellery range Wearing Memories is predicted to take off worldwide this year. 

Brisbane Weekender spoke to designer Kiron Barui, who is preparing for London Fashion Week later this year, about her latest range, her favourite pieces and why you need one for your next special occasion.

Q. Your concept is very unique; tell us about how it works?

A.Wearing Memories is a designer pieces of  jewellery that allows you to wear the cap from a bottle of champagne or sparkling wine.  Allowing you to remember and wear wonderful moments celebrated with bubbles. 

Q. Tell us a bit about your inspiration for your latest range, drinking with the stars…

A. Drinking the stars was based on the story of how champagne was discovered. The story of how the monk Dom Perignon discover bubbles in the wine and told the others to come come as see I am drinking the stars. The deep dark night and the amazing sparkles and colours of the stars were the bases of this collection.   The southern cross and other wonders discovered in the milky way really had me fascinated. I discover many of these wonders through the hubble telescope. 

Q.What is your favourite way to wear your champagne memories (necklace, ring etc)?

A.I love wearing my flower ring. I alway carry it with me just incase a bottle is popped. I love to wear what I am drinking.


Q. What is the most common occasion you have ladies (and gents) purchasing your jewellery for?

A. There are many different occasions that people purchase a Wearing Memories pieces however the most common is for birthdays, weddings and serious champagne lovers who have popped a very special bottle.

Q.We’ve seen your designs in Harrods, boutique fashion stores and even on international runways, what has been the stand out moment for you in your career as a designer so far?

A. I would have to say the moment I walked down the cat walk at London Fashion Week and was recognised as a serious designer I was truly blown away.  To receive such accolade and interest from other designers and the media was truly humbling. 

Q. We love that your jewellery captures a moment and makes it a wearable memory, what celebration do you think is best captured by your designs?

A.I am not sure that there is just one special occasion that captures my designs as the moment I love the most is when I see one of my designs being worn and the whole piece has been personalised with a special champagne cap.  The smile on the persons face and the twinkle in their eye makes that pieces so incredible unique.                 

Words by Kristen Brown

Pictures by Erika Myer 

Feature Image by Peter De Bortoli