Dirty Dancing – The Classic Story On Stage

Dirty Dancing – The Classic Story On Stage returned to Australia on its 10th anniversary tour with an electrifying performance by a fierce and highly energetic cast.

The classic musical was first performed at the Theatre Royal, Sydney, Australia on 18 November 2004 before forming a multi-record breaking nationwide tour, with Australia and New Zealand included.

The smash-hit delivered romance in New York’s Catskill Mountains and incredible passion for song and dance with raunchy dance moves and pounding rhythms from within staff-only quarters at the holiday destination for the wealthy.

Set in the summer of 1963, Dirty Dancing – The Classic Story On Stage starred Kurt Phelan (Jonny Castle) and Kirby Burgess (17 year- old Frances “Baby” Houseman), two people from different worlds who fought for love and more.

Jonny, the resort’s heartthrob with great form and hips that swing in a full circle, and his new leading lady from a well-to-do family, Baby, encouraged wild roars and unbelievable support from the audience in Brisbane when they moved from one two step dancing to the iconic lift.

Together, the NIDA graduate andASCAP Broadway Musical Theatre Scholarship winner portrayed passion, chemistry and brilliance that caused the crowds enthusiasm to skyrocket, with cheers that could be heard over Franke Previte, John DeNicola and Donald Markowitz’s “Time of My Life.” 

The performance featured hit songs that made the crowd roar with excitement, including “Hungry Eyes”. “Hey Baby” and everybody’s favourite, “Do You Love Me?.”

However it was strong and thunderous vocals by classic music singer Mark Vincent (Jonny’s cousin Billy Kostecki) that won over the audience as he belted out “In The Still of The Night.”

Dirty Dancing – The Classic Story On Stage was an incredible mix of seduction, passion and fierce choreography that took the story from a classic romantic drama film to a world-rocking phenomenon on stage.

Pictures by Erika Myer of Brisbane Weekender 

Details: Dirty Dancing – The Classic Story On Stage | Queensland Performing Arts Centre, South Brisbane | 27 May to 19 July 2015 |  From $59.90 to $139.90