The Emperor’s New Clothes

Russell Brand’s socially infused documentary The Emperor’s New Clothes explored the growing disparity between the rich and the poor, particularly in the United States and Britain.

Brand, who had starred in the documentary, discussed the controversial issues of global capitalism and wealth inequality.

The film is inspired by the Global Financial Crisis (GFC) of 2008, and takes a glimpse at the world today seven years on.

There are some standout scenes throughout the film that include one-on-one interviews with people who have been directly affected by the GFC.

A brilliant moment is also shown where Brand explains the wealth inequality problem to British school students, explaining complicated economic issues.

While the documentary preaches equality for all in society, Brand is of course hilarious, keeping the film light hearted and enjoyable throughout.

The Emperor’s New Clothes will be released on June 11 at the Palace Centro, and is viewable for all ages.

Best served with coffee and cake

Words by Melanie Baker

Details: The Emperor’s New Clothes | Rated M | Released June 11, 2015