Ted 2

The teddy bear turned person or property, as the result of John Bennett’s (Mark Wahlberg) childhood wish, made its way back to the big screens with Ted 2 – a cocktail of sex, drugs and determination to create change.

Seth McFarlane’s American film is no doubt crude with sexual content, pervasive language and an overuse of drugs.


The film is a mix of easy viewing with mega cringe moments and sticky situations including when Wahlberg accidentally covers himself in rejected seminal fluid.

After Ted and his wife are told they cannot adopt a child and Ted’s human rights are revoked, the thunder buddies make it their mission to turn him from property to a person.

Ted 2 uses scatological / toilet humour, pot and nerd jokes throughout the film as the much loved thunder buddies contest the law with Wahlberg’s love interested and lawyer, Amanda Seyfried.

The laugh-out-loud film is best viewed with coopers beer, spicy pizza and a couple of good mates who have a sense of humour.

Ted 2. Picture by Universal.

Details: Ted 2 | Release date 25 June 2015 | 115 minutes | Rated R – not one for the school holidays


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