Peter Pan Queensland Ballet

Queensland Ballet re-imagined J M Barrie’s classic tale of Peter Pan as they presented an artistic tale where characters from the dark and light bore great contrast, both terrifying the audience and pleasing them as magical fairy dust outweighed the evil yet brilliantly executed characters from the Neverland.

Queensland Ballet, in association with Power Arts, presented an artistic, unique and lively take on Walt Disney’s classic tale.

The enchanting story showed originality, and adaptability, from classical to contemporary ballet.

Peter Pan commenced with a dark and gloomy atmosphere as perceivably horrifying carers of young Wendy, John and Michael emerged from a cold winter’s fog and rocked the children to sleep.

Queensland Ballet portrayed the nightmares with mesmerising shadow screens and graceful choreography by American trained Choreographer Trey McIntyre.

The dancers had portrayed every living creature in the Neverland from the earth and rocks that held ground to the graceful and enchanting mermaids to Tick-Tock the Crocodile as his heavy body slid slowly across the stage.

The leading children, Peter (performed by Company Dancer Rian Thompson) and Wendy (performed by Principal Dancer Laura Hidalgo) demonstrated a strong bond on stage and approached the role as children with energy, activity and excitement.

The cast performed in sync with the magnificent sounds of the Queensland Symphony orchestra while award-winning Jeanne Button’s costumes gracefully floated with each energetic pursuit.

The set and lighting design provided an awe-inspiring space for the cast to illustrate a modern and witty take on Peter Pan with sword fights in the moonlight, breathtaking sea life puppetry under the sea and impressive flying sequences, told from a child’s perspective.

The magnificent mix of dance and theatre within the magical tale of Peter Pan by Queensland Ballet captivated audiences during the Walt Disney season, from great grandparents to young princesses wearing tiaras to pirates and tinkerbell fans with green fairy wings from the gift shop.

Words by Katherine Lamont

Details: Peter Pan | Queensland Ballet in association with Power Arts | Playhouse Theatre, Queensland Performing Arts Centre, South Brisbane | $95.00