13 Minutes

 On November 8 1939, an attempt on Hitler’s life was made by Georg Elser, an ordinary man from the outskirts of Germany who was intent on changing the course of history forever.
Directed by Oliver Hirschbiegel, 13 Minutes or Elser as originally titled, presents a fascinating view of the extraordinary circumstances Adolf Hitler survived on the day of his anniversary speech.

The retrospective outlook on Elser’s attempt to scourge Germany of Hitler is compelling in that the film is entirely German (and filmed in the German language), and shows us a beautiful perspective of German nationalism.

13 Minutes is comparable to the Hollywood blockbuster Valkyrie or the 1989 German film Seven Minutes, with an emotional flavour similar to that of Schindler’s List.

The film stars Christian Friedel as Georg Elser, who delivers his character with density and flair.

With an entirely German cast, 13 Minutes is raw and unapologetic, and tells the true story of Georg Elser in a wonderfully commemorative manner.

However, viewers should be warned – scenes of torture feature heavily throughout the film for intense emotional impact.

Best viewed with a whisky and salted chips

Words by Melanie Baker

Picture by 13 Minutes

Details: 13 Minutes | MA15+ | Now showing at Palace Centro Cinema | Palace Centro, 39 James St, Fortitude Valley, Brisbane, 4006 | Telephone: (07) 3367 1954