A Faure Foray at Queensland Music Festival

The Fireworks Gallery at Newstead held a sophisticated performance by the Australian Piano Quartet on Saturday night, brought by DeClassified Music and the Queensland Music Festival.

The Australian Piano Quartet, based in Sydney, is considered to be at the forefront of Australia’s chamber music ambassadors, and has been praised for their empathy, technical ease and exemplary musicianship.

The group had debuted at London’s Barbican Centre, and on Saturday, brought a performance that lived up to high expectations.

With a repertoire that featured Gabriel Faure, Mozart, Fredrick Septimus Kelly and Australian composer Jack Symonds, the Fireworks Gallery was a place of quality and class that was emphasised by the complimentary wine provided.

The Australian Piano Quartet consists of pianist Daniel de Borah, cellist Thomas Rann, violinist Rebecca Chan, and violist James Wannan.

Words by Melanie Baker

Image by The Australian Piano Quartet

Details: Australian Piano Quartet, Faure Foray | Queensland Music Festival 


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