Bangarra Dance Theatre’s lore

Bangarra Dance Theatre presents lore – dance stories of land and sea at the Queensland Performing Arts Centre.

As one of Australia’s leading performing arts companies, Bangarra has built relationships with Indigenous communities .

The Aboriginal and Torres Strait islander organisation fuses over 40,000 years of culture with contemporary dance techniques.

Sheoak lore - Bangarra ensemble - Photo by Jeff Tan

The performance illustrates authentic stories of Australia’s land and people, gathered from community Elders.

lore offers the message of hope or the future and resilience while exploring identity, inequality, climate change and sustainability.

Celebrating its 25th anniversary, Bangarra Dance Theatre and their latest production lore illustrates a heart warming celebration of Australia’s rich culture through engaging dance techniques.

Bangarra Dance Theatre’s lore. Images by Bangarra Dance Theatre.

Detailslore, Bangarra Dance Theatre | Queensland Performing Arts Centre, Southbank | 7 to 15 August 2015


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