Spirit of India at Queensland Music Festival

Indian classical music was celebrated in a spellbinding concert at the Queensland Conservatorium.

The concert was a celebration of the spirituality of Indian music and instruments, especially the veena, which is India’s most sacred instrument that some believe can give immortality if played with virtuosity.

The concert showcased veena player Jayanthi Kumaresh, and percussionists Arjuna Kumar and Krishnaswamy Sankaararaman.

Viewing the musicians take part in what they call a sacred experience inspired the audience, and allowed for all people of any ethnicity to appreciate the hypnotic character of Indian classical music.

Spirit of India also held a master class last Friday that allowed for musicians to learn from the Indian artists themselves, who shared their expertise.

These artists will tour across Australia in the coming week.

Words by Melanie Baker

Spirit of India Jayanthi Kumaresh. Image by Queensland Music Festival 2015

Details: Spirit of India | Touring Melbourne, Sydney and Darwin in August | Ticket prices vary