Shake and Stir brings to life Bram Stoker’s cult classic, Dracula in an unmissable, gripping performance.


Young Lawyer Jonathan Harker sets off into the Carpathian Mountains on a seemingly innocent journey to secure land for a client. Little does he know, he is about to set foot inside Castle Dracula and if he does not obey the Count’s requests he may never return to London again.

Featuring a stellar cast including Nick Skubij as Dracula, the performance (like all productions by Shake and Stir) features contemporary twists in the costume design and script, while staying true to the original with all of its blood-spattered glory.

The show utilises the cosy confines of the Cremorne Theatre to provide an up-close and personal, chilling encounter with history’s most illustrious vampire, Dracula.

Alluring, shocking and seductive, Dracula is a performance not to be missed.

BYO garlic!

Words by Kristen Brown

Picture by Dylan Evans

Details: Dracula | Cremorne Theatre, QPAC| tickets $34 – $59 | Now showing until 5 September


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