Natalie Weir’s 7 Deadly Sins

One word can describe Natalie Weir’s 7 Deadly Sins premiere last Friday night, and that word is sparkling. Sparkling costumes, dazzling design and enthralling choreography.

With a running time of just one hour, the Expressions Dance Company managed to unpack a brilliant exploration of humanity, with the zeroing in of ‘mortal man’ and the 7 sins of his unconscious.

The dance begins with man sitting by the television in his lounge room, and as the music continues on, the 7 deadly sins begin to emerge from boxes as he sinks further into the depths of his subconscious.

The dance becomes increasingly more elaborate as each sin reveals itself, and once ‘wrath’ is unleashed, the mortal man enters into a desperate clash with a sin that consumes many.


7 Deadly Sins is a production that allows for the audience to be intrigued, and to also look into themselves.

The sparkling quality of the performance is not only in its delivery, but also in the fact that the audience is able to interpret the narrative in any way it could be interpreted.

There is much to question in this show, and those who are interested in seeing it for themselves can look forward to lengthy post-show conversations.

The concept of 7 Deadly Sins was created by Natalie Weir, in conjunction with Bill Haycock who is attributed to the design of the show.

Weir had also directed the choreography of the performance, of which should be heartily applauded.

Another drawing element of 7 Deadly Sins includes the accompanying music, written by composer Darrin Verhagen who recently exhibited an installation fusing sound with light at multiple art festivals and also the National Gallery of Victoria.

Such a fusion between sound and light is clearly appreciated in the show’s performance.

Starring a talented array of dancers including Thomas Gundry Greenfield as ‘man’, Elise May as ‘lust’ and Michelle Barnett as ‘wrath’, audiences of 7 Deadly Sins can expect an unrivalled performance exuding talent, skill, and above all, sin.

Words by Melanie Baker

Picture by 7 Deadly Sins

Details: Playhouse Theatre QPAC – Corner Melbourne St & Grey St, South Brisbane 4101 | (07) 3840 7444 | From August 21 – August 29 2015 | Tickets from $55 to $65 | Running time 1 hour (with no interval) | Warning for viewers: 7 Deadly Sins features strobe lighting, sound pressure, smoke and fog effects.