We Are Your Friends

Electronic Dance Music (EDM), a style of music that is taking the world by storm, frames the new film We Are Your Friends, starring Zac Efron and Emily Ratajkowski.

Set in contemporary San Fernando Valley in California, this film is about a group of young men trying to get their big break in the world of DJing and nightclub promotions. 

Not satisfied with the measly pay they get from playing at and promoting parties for college students, they decide to move up in the EMD world by any means necessary. 

After taking work in an ethically questionable financial institution to pay the bills, Cole (Zac Efron) gets his big break upon meeting world-famous DJ James Reed (Wes Bentley) who teaches him the importance of incorporating organic sounds in his own music. 

Throughout the film, Cole gives narrations that explain the science of EDM and how to get the crowd going at a party. 

This film focuses on two major relationships. The first is between Cole and his friends. While Cole is determined to make a name for himself as a DJ, he sometimes faces uncertainty from the group who doubt whether they are making the right career choices.

The second is one that Cole has with James Reed and his girlfriend and assistant Sophie (Ratajkowski). 

After a chance meeting at a nightclub, James invites Cole back to his place where he gives constructive criticism of the rookie DJ’s music. This relationship develops as Cole begins to become more creative with his music.

We Are Your Friends is the directorial debut of Max Joseph who has previously worked on the television show ‘Catfish: The TV Show’. While this film is obviously tailored towards EDM fans, it doesn’t exclude those who are not into this genre. 

We Are Your Friends is a rise-to-fame story best watched with a few good mates and a bucket of butter popcorn.

Words by Alex Carrette

Picture by We Are Your Friends

Details: We Are Your Friends | Drama | MA15+ | Release date 27 August 2015