Straight Outta Compton

Straight Outta Compton is a drama packed biographical film, based on the lives and events of the late 80’s hip-hop group N.W.A (Nigga’s With Attitude). 

 The screenplay follows their path of overcoming adversity, tasting success, betrayal among friends and aspiring redemption. 

N.W.A were influencers of their time. Their ghetto and gangster inspired lyrics were groundbreaking, political and raw – revolutionizing and inspiring the hip-hop and pop music industries in a way that had never been seen or heard of before. 

A virtual overnight success, N.W.A became household names across the US and had a leading hand in shaping rap and hip-hop music as we know it today.

From the start of the film, the director Felix Gary Gray sets the tone of the societal diversity of the time, between those who grew on the streets of Compton and those who were outsiders. 

At first the film seems to be slow and does take its time to lay the foundations, however once the storyline becomes more clear and N.W.A become more conducive, the remainder of the movie is energetic, fast flowing and inspirational. 

The script of the film twists and turns between the four leading characters, with each having a significant impact and prominence on screen.

The film casts O’Shea Jackson Jr. as Ice Cube, Paul Giamatti as band manger Jerry Heller, Jason Mitchell as Easy E and Corey Hawkins as Dr. Dre. 

Straight Outta Compton is a great biopic to view for those who have ever listened to a hip-hop song and thought they were a little bit gangsta. There are plenty of character cameo’s of other rapper’s of the time, additionally making the film a history lesson in hip-hop music and culture.

Words by Patrizio Cook

Picture by Straight Outta Compton

Details: Straight Outta Compton | Drama | release date 3 September 2015 | 147 minutes