Arcadia at Brisbane Featival

Arcadia is an amazing world of wine, food, entertainment and discovery in the hub of the Brisbane Festival, Southbank. 


Aside from being located in one of Brisbane’s most vibrant areas, enjoy two tents full of exceptional performances with ‘Fear and Delight’ and ‘Club Swizzle’, drift between four trendy bars, feast upon ten boutique food stalls and see the grand views at the Riverhouse bar.


‘Fear and Delight’ will make you laugh and gasp in equal measure and leave you aching only for more. 

Join an elite international cast of dancers, acrobats and comedians performing incredible physical feats alongside heart racing displays, all set to adrenaline inducing, jazz infused electro. This adrenaline pumping, booze soaking, black and white painted show will truly blow your mind.


 ‘Club Swizzle’ is an irresistibly fun and splendid show, full of sassy entertainment serving short and fast sex, comedy and skill. It’s a fray of ravishing burlesque, air defying acrobatics and contagious musical revelry leaving your night unlike any other.


Take joy for a drink in the four bars floating around. Have an elegant cocktail from the Cocktail Hut or treat yourself in the Little Creatures Treehouse ranging of beer and ciders and enjoy the view in the tall hut above the bar.


Feast yourself at up to ten funky food stalls that array many different cultures. You will find a range of food from Australia’s classic Grill’d burgers, Italian Ciao Bella, Turkish Gozlme and if you’re feeling desert, head to Funky Cronuts for a delicious half croissant half donut.


There is also a chance to run down to the Riverhouse bar to soak up the amazing views of Brisbane City and the river along Southbank. Here you can enjoy lounging areas whilst enjoying light meals, beer and wine.


Aside form the incredible shows, food and drink, Arcadia is full of entertainment and is paved with secrets and spectacles, with live music, singing groups, art all around and even games and play space for the kids.  


Free and open to all, day and night, until 26th September, Arcadia is for everyone in the family to enjoy and is a ticket to festival heaven.

Words by Liam Ross 

Pictures by Atmosphere Photography 

 Details: Arcadia, Brisbane Festival | Cultural Forecourt, Southbank | 5 to 26 September